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Asbestos Cancers

ASBESTOS is a natural mineral product that was used extensively in the past because of its resistance to heat and corrosion. Many people have unknowingly been exposed to these products throughout their lives.

If you or someone you know have been diagnosed with any of the following cancers, you may be entitled to compensation:











In Trusts set aside for individuals who have been affected by Asbestos. Therefore, if you or someone you know has worked in a field where they could have been exposed to Asbestos, contact our legal team with over 10 years of experience for a totally free case evaluation and to determine if they are eligible for compensation.



200,000 PEOPLE

Are diagnosed with lung cancer. Exposure to asbestos significantly increases the likelihood of a person getting lung cancer. The combination of asbestos exposure and smoking greatly increases the risk of developing lung cancer. Therefore, even if you were a smoker and have been diagnosed with lung cancer you may be entitled to compensation! If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with lung cancer, contact our legal team for a totally free case evaluation.



Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that develops from the thin layer of tissue that covers many of the internal organs (known as the mesothelium).

The most common area affected is the lining of the lungs and chest wall. Mesothelioma is caused by breathing in asbestos fibers. The greater the exposure, the greater the risk of the disease. Some of the occupations that have a higher incidence of asbestos exposure include:














Because asbestos was used in a wide variety of products, exposure to asbestos can occur in many different forms. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, you may be eligible for a portion of an estimated


Contact our experienced Mesothelioma law firm for a free legal consultation to determine if you or a loved one is eligible for compensation.


What Is Mesothelioma?

Malignant mesothelioma is an aggressive type of cancer affecting almost 3,000 people each year in the United States. This type of cancer goes after the mesothelium, the tissue which lines the lungs and heart in addition to other vital internal organs.

The primary cause of Mesothelioma is inhaling or swallowing asbestos. According to the National Institutes of Health approximately 11 million people were exposed to Asbestos between 1940 and 1978. It can take 20 years or longer for the exposure to manifest into a health condition. Once mesothelioma has been diagnosed, it is almost always lethal within just a few years. Even with proper and prompt medical treatment, 10% of individuals diagnosed with and treated for mesothelioma live longer than 5 years.

Malignant mesothelioma targets the protective lining in your lungs, abdomen, heart, and testicles. Asbestos fibers irritate the mesothelial cells which then causes scarring and cell damage which eventually lead to cancerous mutations in the mesothelial cells. Asbestos fibers also cause the production of oncoproteins which trigger tumors to grow uncontrollably.

Asbestos exposure can cause cancer to form in different areas of the body. The chance of having an asbestos related cancer in each region varies considerably:

  • Pleural mesothelioma: 75%, lung and chest regions
  • Peritoneal mesothelioma: 25%, organs and abdominal cavity
  • Tunica vaginalis testis: testicles, incredibly uncommon

Mesotheliomas that were cancerous may be further categorized into three main kinds, each determined by the percentage of instances that have each kind and the particular arrangement of the cells:

  • Sarcomatoid: most rapid spread, 10-20%
  • Epithelioid: slower spread, 50-60%
  • Biphasic (various): both kinds of cells exist, 30%-40%

Symptoms of Mesothelioma forming in the abdominal cavity or lungs:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Distressed coughing
  • Swelling of face or the neck
  • Pain under chest pain or the rib cage
  • Sudden or uncommon weight loss
  • Stomach pain
  • Discomfort in the chest region
  • Rib cage pain
  • Bulges and/or swelling

Common Occupations/Conditions that Expose Someone to Asbestos:

  • Military: Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, Auxiliary Vessels, Submarines, Destroyers, Frigates
  • Coal mines
  • Products: Flooring, Ceiling, and Roofing Tiles, Many Building Materials manufactured before 1980, Automotive Parts, Cement, Textiles, Carpet Backing, Insulation, Ductwork Connectors, Gaskets, Adhesives, Electrical Cloth, Fume and Laboratory Hoods, Plastics, Fire-proofing and Prevention Materials.
  • Professions: Drywall Installation, Auto Mechanics, Electricians, Shipyard Workers, Chemical Plants and Various kinds of Factory Work, Power Plants, Metal Works, and even those working in School Buildings
  • Living near an asbestos mine or an area that has had a disaster that would disturb large amounts of asbestos, such as in New York City following 9/11 or New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina
  • Secondary exposure is possible if you are a family member of someone who worked in a high-risk occupation

Choosing the Right Lawyer Is Essential

You or a loved one could be eligible for damages if there is a diagnosis of mesothelioma. Feather Law Group wants to help. We have dedicated ourselves to assisting our clients who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or who have lost a loved one to this tragic condition.

Our firm has experience in handling these sensitive situations. We can assist you in creating the proper legal documents to help your family deal with this tragic illness. We can also assist family members who have recently lost a loved one to this condition.

In deciding on an attorney, we encourage you to consider which attorney has achieved consistent exceptional results for victims of Mesothelioma. And ask yourself, who will best serve my needs? It would be a privileged for Feather Law Group to work for you and your family in obtaining the results you deserve.

Feather Law Group is dedicated to helping clients that have been harmed by asbestos and Mesothelioma to win. For more than 20 years, Attorney Gregory Feather has dedicated himself to holding manufacturers of unsafe products and medications responsible, and he has won countless cases for his clients.

Can I Afford a Feather Law Group Attorney?

Yes. We realize that someone diagnosed with mesothelioma is under extreme anxiety about their health, and their ability to afford expensive cancer treatment and while still being able to support their loved ones. Many mesothelioma patients are older individuals who cannot work because of the sickness and may have a fixed income.

We understand the financial burden that health problems can create and want to alleviate any fears you may have that you cannot afford to pay an attorney to seek compensation for your injuries. In order prevent any upfront expenses to our clients, our firm operates on a Contingent Fee Agreement. This means that Feather Law Group will pay for any expenses related to handling your case and filing your lawsuit in court. You do not pay anything until a settlement or verdict is reached. Once this settlement is achieved, the expenses and attorney fees come from the settlement and the rest of the money goes to you, the client, without having to pay anything out of pocket. You pay nothing unless we win your case.

Feather Law Group is here to Help You and Your Family

It would be our privilege to work with you. For a free consultation and more information regarding your legal choices, please contact us at 1-866-FEATHER, or complete the online form and a customer relations representative will be in contact with you promptly.


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